Some facts about our services you need to know

Today, it’s about quality time with Mom! You don’t need to use that precious time investigating you’re Mom’s complaints or your concerns about her quality of care.

Senior Parent Solutions will help you navigate through all the care options, using a holistic approach; we focus on three vital cornerstones for our elderly who require care and assistance; independence, quality of life and budget.

As an expert I look at each individual’s needs with this concept in mind, and make recommendations for implementing services that involve a person’s entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, instead of just the symptoms of whatever medical condition they may have. Based on an individual’s long-term care needs, the following services are available:



We conduct a thorough assessment by interviewing the family member needing long-term care, other family members, and caregivers.

The assessment includes review of the individual’s abilities to perform activities of daily living (ADLs), cognitive abilities, skills, memory, psychological and social well being, as well as their quality of life. This assessment is the foundation for developing a care plan.


Whenever possible, the individual receiving the care, and family members along with our consultant, review available resources and options, select those that provide the most appropriate care based on the assessment, the person’s needs, and financial resources, and design a care plan accordingly.

The care plan is updated whenever there is a significant change in an individual’s health or mental condition affecting the quality of care or quality of life. Our consultants also attend and participate in care plan development meetings that are initiated by other health care providers.


The keys to successful care management are: Personal attention with minimal assistance while promoting the client’s independence and strengths to empower him/herself in sustaining as high a quality of life as he/she is capable of.

Depending on how much care and supervision the family chooses to provide themselves, we are prepared to coordinate and supervise on either a routine basis or on an as needed basis, all aspects of care being provided.

This may include such things as facility visits to evaluate compliance and insure that the care being delivered to your parent or family member satisfies and complies with the service plan, communicating with third party caregivers and staff and coordinating any necessary care changes or resolving any problems that either you or our care manager observes, and acting as your liaison or representative to address concerns and resolve issues or problems with the management of the third party health care provider or other long-term care professionals.


The care managers at Senior Parent Solutions are accountable to you and are therefore responsible for communicating either verbally and/or in writing directly to you about the status of your family member’s care and of any changes needing to be made to the care plan as a result of changes to your family member’s needs.

For those adult children who’ve moved away from southern California while their parents remain, we understand the additional worries and concerns you may have and therefore communicate with you as frequently as desired.

You may contact our care managers during normal business hours whatever concerns or issues that you may have regarding the care of your family member. Of course, matters requiring immediate notification are discussed with you at the earliest possible time.


We understand how difficult and oftentimes traumatic change, especially a major life change, is for most people.

To minimize your stress and maximize peace of mind, we find the most appropriate living arrangement that satisfies the needs of your family member. After 30 years in the Inland Empire market in Southern California, I have an extensive and thorough knowledge of the physical facilities and communities and the management and ownership that operate them.


At the time we initiate service(s) with you and/or your family member, we will have you or your family member sign an authorization to obtain and convey medical information and a privacy notification form in compliance with all current Health Information Privacy and Protection laws.


This includes verification of medication compliance. Oftentimes problems arising from poor health amongst the elderly are due to non-compliance with medications.


Mr. Meske adheres to the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. He is guided by high ethical standards in business principles that provide clients with integrity and value.

He undertakes only those assignments that feel he can complete with competence and confidence. He works methodically, thoughtfully, and offers insight into conformance or deviation from standards of care and healthcare management standards of practice.

Mr. Meske only accepts a limited number of clients concurrently in order that he can provide them with attentiveness and responsiveness.

For more information or details about any of our listed service(s), please feel free to contact us and a professional will contact you back as soon as possible

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