Are the demands on your time impacting the quality of your life?

Our parents are aging. Do those increasing pressures seem to never end?

When you spend time with your mother or father, you want that time to be quality time. You don’t want to spend all your time with them deciding:

  • Is everything is OK with them?
  • Are they eating right?
  • Are they getting the the medical attention they need?
  • Or worse you find your self cooking for them, cleaning the house, getting them to doctors… etc.
  • Hiring caregivers…

All of a sudden you find yourself the primary caregiver. What about your family, your career or your life? There is a better way! Senior Parent Solutions

A Senior Parent Solutions expert consultant will assess the needs and desires of both; you and your loved one. We will put together a plan that will help achieve the goals you as a family have chosen.

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Senior Parent Solutions

There are 225 Assisted Living, Board and Care facilities in our area.

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Everyone is promising so much, but mom will hear of none of it. When we do make a decision how will we know mom is getting what was promised and what she is paying for?

  • Tired of dealing with all those questions and hassles?
  • Just want to spend quality time with mom and loving her?

Senior Parent Solutions will help you step by step through the whole process

  • We will be there for you when you are unable to attend those care plan meetings or need our experience to be there with you.
  • We will be there for you when you want to attend the afternoon tea than fighting for the bath that was promised and never given.
  • We will be there for both of you to help ensure that month-in and month-out the care that is paid for the given.

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